You can have the opportunity to train with a real professional and gets GUARANTEED results.

Walter invites you to participate in a soccer program designed to sharpen your skills. With Walter you can learn the game AND improve your performance.

Walter does not provide a re-packaged, one size fits all approach - rather, he designs your program specifically to your needs. If you are shy, he'll give you self-confidence - if you are overly aggressive, he'll help you to channel your energy into effective soccer. If you lack technical abilities he will teach those to you based on your particular form and function.

The size of the player is unimportant to Walter. He knows that ANYONE can play soccer, regardless.

Walter believes in healthy minds and healthy bodies. He 100% discourages the use of drugs and alcohol, and believes that proper diet for the athlete is critical. If you have dietary questions Walter can help you as he has helped countless others throughout his career.

Click here to contact Walter either via his easy to use mail form, or call him.

Start to build your abilities today! Results guaranteed!


Walter can assist you with your team. If you have difficulties in certain areas, or with certain players, he can help you to find a way to get the best results out of your team. Plus, the great thing is that your team will have better results AND you'll get credit for taking them to the next level.