"Walter is an amazing trainer!  What he teaches is far beyond books, his intelligence is clearly from his life experience as a Pro Soccer Player and his ability to see on many different levels.  Walter is a multidimensional trainer.  He teaches the player on so many levels of intelligence and then trains the body to become instinctual while playing the game of soccer.  He also builds up his players on many levels, too.  Not just physically and intellectually, but to the core of the individual well being.
Personally, I watch Walter take our son within a month of training, to the ability to bend the ball at corner kicks.  Yes, our son has always been passionate about soccer and made it clear that he's here to be a Pro Soccer Player someday.  But the fine tuning that Walter has done has been quite noticeable and very remarkable.
There was a time while Walter was out of the States, our son had an unfortunate turn of events and almost gave up his passion for soccer.  When Walter returned, Walter was very attentive and literally rebuilt our son on all levels.  In my eyes, he saved our son.  Our son is now stronger than ever and thriving, not to mention his amazing advanced athletic soccer ability.  We owe so much to Walter, for what he's done for our son.  Walter will always be in our lives, and hopefully will always mentor our son.
Thank you, Walter!  Thank you for taking our son from a dark place, back to the joy of his passion for soccer.  Thank you for building him up on such an intuitive level.  Last but not least, thank you for advancing his soccer skills on a level that is indescribable.  You have made our son a lethal player who will reach his dream without a doubt. You're the best!  A world class trainer!  Thank you from the bottom of our heart."  

~Debi Sederquist (Mother of Nyas)

Walter has built a reputation over the years as a class A trainer and coach. Here are some links and profiles telling what people have to say about him.

“We wanted to provide our daughter, Ling, a warm up session prior to the start of her high school season.   We contacted Walter and he agreed to work with Ling while we were in the area on vacation.  Walter quickly established that proper form and technique were more important than mindless conditioning drills.  Walter’s nature left Ling at complete ease.  My wife  and I were very impressed with Walter’s methods of teaching.  The fact that he played professionally for fifteen years and has coached in many different venues was a significant factor in our selecting him.
Each day Walter came to the practice fully prepared and focused on the lessons of the day.  He is very efficient with his time relating to the application of the skills he is teaching.  We were impressed with all of the skills Ling learned from Walter, many of them new even though she has been playing for ten years.  In all, it was a great minicamp prior to the start of the season.  Walter significantly improved Ling’s technical skills and mindset in just six days.
Last, we found Walter to be a very genuine person with a great sense of humor.  My wife and I attended each session.  We really enjoyed Walter not just as a coach but as a new friend.  I really was impressed with his philosophy of athletics and life.  I find it very valuable to the player (and the parents).  It would be very difficult to find another soccer coach like Walter.  We look forward to seeing him soon.”
See you soon Walter.
Best Regards,

Dave Ritter, PE

Dear Walter,

I've already started soccer season and I'm excited to try out everything you've taught me. 
Our first game is next Thursday & I'll be sure to let you know how that goes.

My dad says he'll write when he returns from California. He's there again for work.  Until then, I'm forwarding you my testimonial.  I hope you can use it.

Walter is a very fatherly figure.  He's extremely encouraging and always expresses faith in his students, sometimes more than they have in themselves. Walter taught me things I never thought I could do, especially not after just a few days of practice. But after the first day of training with him, I already noticed an improvement. I highly recommend Walter to anyone who's eager to take themselves to the next level. Not only will he teach you the skills it takes to get there, but he'll also instill a passion for the game within each and every player. Walter is very relatable and makes me want to be the best I can be, not only as a soccer player, but also as a person.  I'm excited to take the lessons he's taught me and the skills I've learned, and apply them in the following years. 

Ling Ritter
Position: Center defender
High School: Rowland Hall St. Mark's, Salt Lake City, UT

P.S.  We miss you Walter, and can't wait to have another lesson!


Name: Dani Benton
Position: Striker
College: Kansas Wesleyan University
Age: 21
Hometown: Trabuco Canyon, CA

"Training with Walter Eisner has had an IMMEDIATE impact on my playing style, technique and form. He teaches me the CORRECT way to handle the ball, my body and the field. These are things that even many profesionals do not learn! I definitely recommend him to everyone involved in youth soccer - he is fantastic"

Dani played up one year at G90 with the ISC Strikers in CSL Premier League. She scored over 120 goals in less than 4 years and received a full scholarship at NCAA Div I South Carolina State University

News: Dani scores 2 for 3-1 victory over USC Upstate

2004 - 2006 Cal South ODP Pool (G91)

2005 UCLA Bruin Cup Champions (MVHS Varsity team)

2005 Mission Viejo High School Varsity soccer (as freshman)

2006 - Featured on Fox Soccer Channel in exclusive segment as bright new upcoming player in the U.S

Tournament Championships

Blues Cup (2007)
Disney Labor Day Classic (2006)
Slammers Cup (2006)
Nike Invitational (2006)
Surf Cup (2005)
CSL League Cup

Blues Cup (2004)
Slammers Cup
California Cup
Sereno Classic, AZ
NHB Cup (2003)
Newport Classic
Mayor's Cup

Blues Cup (2002)
Cal South State Cup (U11)

Position: Defender, Midfield

High School: Rosary , Fullerton CA

"Just two years ago I started training with Walter and immediately improved my skills, technique, confidence and intensity. Walter is the best trainer I have worked with. Walter provides new skills and advice with each session. My love for the game has grown stronger as a result of my training with Walter. I am on my way to becoming the player I want to be. He cares about the whole package; me as a player and a person. Walter is a lot of fun and has amazing stories from his days as a pro. I know I can trust Walter. I have a lot of respect for Walter and am truly thankful for the guidance and instruction Walter has given me."

"Walter was recommended to us by a long time friend and soccer mom. We arranged to meet with Walter in 2007 and our daughter Caitlin has been training with him ever since. Walter is very patient, humorous, and clear in his instruction. He understands the game. Caitlin’s skills and playing style have improved tremendously over the last two years. The improvement has become even more obvious in recent months as Caitlin grows and the training can now build on the ground work completed over the last several years. Walter is able to put many things in perspective for Caitlin including issues with players, coaches and her own performance. Walter has gone out of his way for Caitlin and attended many of her games to see what she needs to work on next. We highly recommend Walter as a trainer and a friend and look forward to many more years of training."

Douglas and Barbara Effenberger

parents of Caitlin

"Ravi has been playing club soccer since he was five years old. Through the years he had several trainers and joined many soccer camps. But a few private sessions with Walter made the significant change in Ravi's ball handling, shooting and physical aspect of the game. Rather than long drills and conditioning, Walter emphasizes correct technique of shooting, controlling and passing the ball."

Thank you for your help with Ravi.
Madho & Maria Dhouni
Orange County, CA

Thank you very much for training my 3 kids. They have improved tremendously, as your training skills are amazing. My daughter Stephanie received a trophy for the Most Valuable Player of the summer tournaments, my son Jose has gained self confidence and my other daughter Nicole has joined a signature team with great success, I can't thank you enough and I will recommend you to all kids who would like to succeed.

Best Regards,

Alfonso & Mariella Rossano
Anaheim, CA

My daughter Lauren and I were visiting friends in Laguna Niguel before
playing in the GU14 San Diego Open. We happen to meet Walter one
evening while working out at a local field. Walter and I had a great
conversation and the next day Lauren spent two hours with Walter
working on shooting, keeping the ball close and scanning the field. I
was very impressed with Walters method of explaining his points in
language Lauren could understand. She quickly applied what she learned
and I could see a noticeable difference in her play.

In just two short hours Lauren who is the fastest player on the team
improved her speed, and accuracy on the ball. Lauren's team went on
to win the Open. Lauren scored two goals and was voted the most
valuable player by her teammates. The only regret Lauren and I have
is that Walter lives in California and we live in Washington. The
thought has crossed my mind that I should fly Walter up to Washington
for private coaching...He's that good!

Tane Cabe

Name: Eric Winblad
Position: Defender

College: Azusa Pacific University
Hometown: Trabuco Canyon, CA

Eric finished his second year as a starter at Azusa Pacific. His team won the 2007 NAIA National Chamionship. In addition to the championship trophy, Eric was selected to the all-tournament team. Also from NAIA, he was named as an All-American Honorable Mention, and to NAIA Region II All-Region team. In GSAC (Golden State Athletic Conference) he was selected for the all-conference team. Currently, he is the assistant varsity coach for Glendora High School.


2008 Eric received;
Team awards: Offensive Player of the Year, Most Valuable Player
GSAC (Golden State Athletic Conference) awards: First Team All-Conference, GSAC Player of the Year
NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) awards: First Team All-American, National Player of the Year

Azusa Soccer website: http://www.apu.edu/athletics/soccer/mens/stories/13204/ roster bio http://www.apu.edu/athletics/soccer/mens/bios/winbladeric/ NAIA website: http://naia.cstv.com/sports/m-soccer/spec-rel/120608aah.html NSCAA website: http://www.nscaa.com/articles/20090101174328425.php

Here are links to recent articles written about Eric:



Name: Kathleen (Kat) Benton
Position: Midfield
Age: 21
College: Kansas Wesleyan University
Hometown: Trabuco Canyon, CA
Website: www.katbenton.com
Contact: info@sokrpro.com

"Walter's assistance has been the main factor in my success in collegiate soccer. His training, motivation and expertise have helped me to elevate my game to levels I had previously not even imagined."

Kat has become an impact player at the collegiate level, and has helped to lead her college team to the NAIA National Championships.

1st Team All-Conference
1st Team All-Region
NAIA ALL-American

Kat scores brace in season opener
Kat helps team to perfect first week
Kat scores lone goal for Region IV semifinal win
Kat named to KCAC 1st Team All-Conference
Kat named to NAIA Reg IV 1st Team All-Region
Kat receives NAIA All-American honors



I can't tell you enough how fortunate we feel in
having you training our daughter,not only has she
shown great improvement, she was very successfull in
recent tournments,she has grown as a person under
your guidance and training.

Shawna is learning the skills, and gaining the confidence we
had always hoped for. Walter, you are the best, and I will
always recommend you to anyone that wants the best
for their child.

Thank you again,

Sincerely, Rick and Shelley Ludes
Orange County, CA 2007

Mission Viejo High School Recommendation letter (JPEG)


Thanks to Walter's patience and knowledge of the game of soccer, my son, Chris, who was very shy and new to the area, was able to learn a sport, even to excel in it. My son gained confidence and learned discipline. Walter isn't just a coach........he's a motivator and an example to young men and women.

After all these years, I am still referring Walter to parents of the next generation of players.


Karie A. Medhurst

I simply find it amazing that Walter Eisner is not the most famous and sought after trainer in Southern California. From day one, hour one he started to make a difference with both of my girls. I have had my kids work with the "top trainers" here, and nothing can compare to the attention, dedication and expertise that Walter provides.

Now one is going to college and the other prepares to finish high school, and Walter has, and will continue to help them get to the next level. And the next.

Steve Benton
Trabuco Canyon, CA

Walter, thanks so much for coming to my school and wowing the kids with your Soccer Skills and Thrills.They all enjoyed your talents and were very impressed.I appreciate your abilities and will employ some of your relays an d drills during these last days of school. Thanks Again for taking the time.
I'M sure i will see you this summer.

Lucille Harpst
Teacher / Friend
Concordia School
San Clemente, California.